Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bas Ho Gaya Yaar!

I don't know I'm bugged. Tomorrow will be the third exam in a row without any preparatory leave. I'm in no mood of studying. And most definitely not Surveying and Levelling. After an entire year of just working and not studying, I've perpetually forgotten how to study and write papers. I just want the next weekend to come running towards me so that I can be a free bird for once, and do whatever the hell I like. For TWO WHOLE FREAKING MONTHS. I'll sleep, eat, click, write, smoke, drink, repeat. 
Until then, I'll study, blog, talk, eat, study, laze, repeat. 

Craving Big Chill, 


  1. All the best for the exams. :)
    Btw, today is the last exam?

    In such cases, what I do is learn a few key-words, use them as side headings, start with a relevant point(1/2 lines) and write whatever that comes to my mind. And yeah, there was this that those people didn't had the time to go through through each line of what I write. So, this worked like charm.

  2. Hey,
    You have been awarded a Liebster Award .
    Please visit the link for details.
    The Shaded Shadows

    Take Care. :)
    Ajay Kontham


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