Thursday, 23 May 2013

I Like To Move It, Move It!

Hola! Awesomeness be bestowed. Bleh. I've been making no sense in life, not that I'm superlatively vella. 
Ajay and Diwita, both awarded me with Liebster Award. Yay!
And I'm sorry for posting about it late, because well, you know, college is over, so I didn't assume a reason to check my mails. Ha! Selfish ass, you. Anyhoo! 


Such lovelies! :*
1. Thank the bloggers and link back. Done.
2. Okay, so since he didn't ask questions, I'm going to act lazy and act like there isn't anything to do.
But no, really. You're one of my most loyal followers, and you've really help me better. Thank you.

1. Thanked the blogger.
2. Diwita's questions. 

1. Because it seemed to be the right place to vent my feelings, whatsoever they maybe.
2. Batman and Ironman.
3. I tripped over on a staircase in front of an entire bunch of fourth years, with all my sheets piling on me.
4. Hahha. Okay. No dirty talks here. Swimming. Seriously.
5. YES! Three! I just got one done on May 17. =D
6. There are times when you're MIA. But I still go on to your blog to read old posts. It's like a peaceful haven. Just be around more often.

That's all for now, companèros!
I'll be back sooner. This is my 96th post. Just by the way! =D



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