Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Oh, C'mon!

Over-powering, superiority, loud outlook - it's all a part of hidden insecurities. I've seldom prided myself on being secure, per se. I'd be lying if I said I never feel insecure. But I sure pride myself on not hiding them by superiority complexes, for once. I'm not weak, contrary to what a lot of people believe. I've been made to feel all the time that I fuck relationships up. People even forget that I've been kindling relationships for as long as 15 years now. Disheartening, that not everyone can know everything about you. Not that I'm assuming for it to happen, I surely treasure my privacy. Only that perhaps people would stop judging for once. 

Human Settlements exam tomorrow. 
Still lots to go. 

Sleepy, and bored,


  1. Wonderfully stated.... People do everything to hide their insecurities but to accept. And judging is what they do all the time.... Good read. All the best for your exam...


    Himanshu Nagpal | www.beingtraveler.com


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