Sunday, 5 May 2013


You know the time you feel you're your only person, and your head can't be repeated and you're the only zombie that there is? I'm not a simple and easy person to deal with. People find awesomeness by some God's wish to be enticing. And what this awesomeness is supposed to be imitating I don't know. Probably magnetic. But one thing I've learnt is that the more people crib, and complicate themselves, the more people are drawn towards them.And trust me, I've seen some brilliant examples of it - live. I don't consider a lot among our race to be living with the same mindset as me. And even lesser than that who actually understand it. For someone like me who's amazingly friends with a lot of people, I'm astonishingly lonely and aloof and highly insecure. And this has N number of times affected my judgements, and clouded my vision. But somebody, with a mind equally weird, with an attitude equally cynic, and a heart equally turbulent, made me realize I wasn't the only shit-head alive. It, for once, seemed alright to let aside the work and talk, and probably let someone advice me, and not feel insecure for once as to what they might think of me. It seemed fine to drop the control freak mask for once and take case and talk sarcastic for once. It seemed fine with being helped out for once, rather than freaking out about taking charge of the situation myself. It was okay to feel appreciated for once. It was okay to laugh with a complete stranger for once. And it was okay to have been given your non-existent ego a boost for once. It seemed okay to know someone equally crazy to share love for the same kind of music that others think is shit.

He introduced me to this song. 

Structures exam tomorrow. Bugged. Superlatively. 
Irritated, and cranky,


  1. oooh ooooooh! you found someone! :P

    you are in college. have fun you retard. stop worrying about this and that!

    best of luck!


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