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The Chronicles of April Levesque...VII

You can read the previous parts here. Just scroll down for parts I-VI.

"April, we're still married, if that's what you need me to spell it out to you. And right now, we're to leave for my home. For the weekend, my father has organised a celebration in honour of my sister's marriage. It's about time you met my family."

She felt as if she would faint, "What?"

"It's been too long since you've been away from me, cero. Time has come to make the world meet my wife."


For the following morning Duardo instructed his bodyguard for their departure. Seeing colour drain from April's face, he kicked himself in the gut thinking this was the second time he was pushing her over an entire cliff of trouble. What was it about her that elevated her to an altogether different level, a level no women had reached up to he'd met all his life. She still sat there, at the corner of the bed, sinking, and she looked like the most fragile thing to him. The same fragile thing who had the power of good ten men, who'd knocked him down by a swift right hand, who'd droop to any level to get her work done. He smirked in mockery. He'd seen such women all his life. He had a radar for it. His eyes then drooped to her lips. The same tinted full lips. He'd bedded a lot of women in his life. But that one kiss with April years back. Something else. Nothing had ever come even an inch closer to it. The thought that she might have slept with so many men, kissed so many of them infuriated him. He mentally kicked his butt back to reality. Was he jealous? No. Duardo never did jealousy. 

April, in the past few minutes, lost the the ability of her rapid functioning. She felt her head had precipitated to smoke, and she was red hot with anger. How dare he enter her life again? How dare he do that to her again? She instantaneously charged toward him and grabbed his collar in one swift movement. Astonished, and impressed somewhere by her courage, Duardo abruptly held her by the waist, turned her around and pinned her against the wall with her one end still at his collar and the other locked behind her. 
"You definitely have some nerve I've never seen."
With this close, April felt powerless. "I'm a spy. What do you think I've been trained for? To raise kids?"
He chuckled at her mockery, "Well imagining you raising kids is not a bad picture. I'm sure you'd treat my kids nicely."
What? "What the hell do you mean, your kids? What are you turning me into now, nanny for your kids?"
Uh oh, this was a feisty one. "No. I lead a huge empire, April. I'll need an heir once I age. And let's admit it, I'm not getting any younger, and neither are you. And who to have a child better than my wife."
"EX-Wife.", she spelt it loud and clear, "So why don't you just adopt one? Spare me the hassle."
"Why not have the joy of becoming a father when I can?"
"Are you nuts? I'm never going to let you anywhere near me."

"Really, cero. From where I see, you're not doing a pretty good job at it."
She tried kicking him in the gut, but before this feisty trophy of Duardo could react, he closed in on her, and kissed her. He took her with a hunger of a man who'd gotten the taste of bliss for the first time in his life. And why not? Kisses were special. They conveyed too much - tenderness, passion. They're sensual and sublime. He softened his kiss but brought her closer. And what he could never have imagined, happened. April wounded her arms about his neck and was kissing him back. Duardo felt a heat spreading through him like never before. He grabbed her hastily, trying not to break the contact, and got themselves on the bed. Duardo broke the kiss to look at her. She had a stunned expression like that of a convicted criminal's. He'd still never seen eyes like hers. Their green tint still intrigued him as it had two years back. He thought that April would try resisting anything more and he'll have to stay up all night convincing her that there was something undeniable between them. ANd before she could potentially kill him and move over, he kissed her again. It surprised him that she let him. Gradually, he moved over to her long neck, which he enjoyed feasting on. A soft moan escaping April's throat fired him up. He removed her crop top over her head in one swift movement. April returned the gesture, only a little more expressive and his shirt's buttons flew to the ground. Duardo broke to look at her. Dios. Duardo silently cursed under his breath. She was more beautiful than he'd imagined. Duardo couldn't wait anymore, and in one abrupt movement he took her. April felt the sharp stab of pain, and shrieked. Duardo had felt an obstruction while taking her, but no. "This isn't possible. You were..."
"Duardo...", she heaved heavily in her breath.
"I hurt you, cero."
"Don't stop." He smiled and gently pushed her up. By the end of it, both of them breathed deeply in pleasure. 

"Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin, April?"
"How does that make any difference now? What do you mean by didn't tell you? I'm a spy. I'm not supposed to date, or marry. What the hell did you think?"
The guilt on his face said it all.
"I'm going to take a shower."
April sat there bereft, unable to understand what had hit her. She watched him go the bathroom and close the door on her face. She sat there, baffled, and embarrassed. She covered her stark nakedness with the sheet. She wept silently. She'd never been looked down upon in such a sleazy way in life ever. And the problem was that she'd let him. 

Duardo punched hard on the wall. He let the pricks of cold water punish him. She'd been a virgin, and he'd insulted her by thinking otherwise, in a rather gross manner. He'd seen tears welling up in her eyes when he couldn't present her an answer. He would have brought hell down had she cried. He couldn't even tolerate the thought of her crying, let alone by him. So escaping to the shower seemed the best option. He pat himself dry, thinking he owed her an apology. He would talk it out with her. 
"April, I wanted... April?" He found April on the floor. Stuck between sheets, crying, and downing more scotch from a bottle she already emptied half way down. The sight of her tore him apart. He'd brought her down to..this? He snatched away the bottle, gathered her up and took her to bed, still crying.

"April. I'm really sorry."
"Sorry? Ha! Everyone is always sorry. You're just another addition in the list of sorry people who made me miserable in life."
Duardo knew he had to take it easy, she was neck deep drunk. And as she continued to blabber whatever he understood as her past, she wept. Duardo encircled his arms around her and held her all night as she wept and slept through it. 
All Duardo knew now that he wasn't going to let his wife go back to that wretched life again. 

To be continued.

I'm sorry for being MIA.
Will be back sooner.


  1. So she has a history. And so the spy thing was a self defense mechanism.

    impressive story line A, but you can do better with the presentation. think of it this way. the story is well dressed, very well dressed. but you do have to doll her up.

    1. totally. :) so you being on vacation means we get to see more parts come earlier?


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