Thursday, 27 June 2013


You can sometimes do with not so much love in your life. Anybody can. A lot of us have done it for almost their entire life till now. It's the harmony you can't do without. It's logic, isn't it? It's like balance. In nature, in your two legs that you need, in the thumb that goes with the fingers. In exactly the fucking manner of someone with you. There is no single soul not messed up by the nuisances of life. Everyone is messed in their own secret ways. Some get killed either by aloofness, insecurity, lust, love, or whatever the fuck it comes out to be. None of anybody's business. It's the point to realise that you're messed up - within or beyond repair, doesn't matter. You straighten your life out for yourself the moment you accept this. Damaged good, as they say. Not so damaged when you know which defect to exactly hide. 

Life doesn't stay much empty if you have just that one person who gets you completely and believes in you when you don't happen to be enough for yourself. And just having that one person beats having an entire fucking clan of a family, with fake relatives. Someone whom you can meet on the dark side of the moon. So basically, your life doesn't make sense if you haven't had a girlfriend to discuss all your teenage mistakes with (Moni, Jag, Appy), or had a guy best friend to call to pick you up when you're sloshed and out in some secluded corner(Abhay), or a guy whom you have long broken up with but still call him to cry about almost everything (Aabhaas), or just someone to talk to you till sunrise (Pixie). Lovel people in life. Fuck the goddamn shit out of the world. 
The thing is, I've been called fucking damaged and beyond repair in life. And it had hurt, yeah! I didn't need some stupid whore who has a face like my shit to tell me I'm fucking wasted. No. I don't. I know me. And I know what I'm fucking made of. And I don't hang around to hear constant bullshit all over again. So excuse me if I don't fall for that again. 
Whatever said, the point is, if you don't have someone you think can understand you, run immediately in the direction of someone who's been the most patient with you. Because for every person who's ruined another, there's always another who'll glue them back too. Period.
Period as in emphasising on repeating the essence of the entire statement wala period, and not period period. Whatever.

I'm drunk so don't pay attention to my shit. So you can go to bed like good boys and girls and fuck off yourself to sleep. Bye!

Ak. Lalalalaalala.


  1. spilled your heart out there didn't you? :)

    damaged goods? you? don't believe that lady. you aren't even close.

    1. That's just incomplete knowledge talking.

    2. i am sure a lot must have happened that made you believe that.

      but there is more coming. and if you think you are damaged now, imagine what so much more will do to you. so buck up lady. and realize, there is more than a single perspective to anything.

      every person has his scars. being scarred and being damaged are two different tings. but you don't need me to tell you that.

  2. I think being damaged is pretty. Remember, the ones most hurt by the world are the ones who actually end up changing it. I rather like being damaged, its one of my quirks. :) Hope you reach a place where it does not matter what others say about you too.


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