Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hello, The-Pretty-Guy-At-Breakfast,

I'd spotted you at the buffet this morning. You were sipping from a mug steaming something, coffee or tea, I don't know. Well, I'll like you even more if you assure it was coffee. Yeah, I liked you. No first glances thing. Maybe observing you through your breakfast did it. You were even there beside me as you ordered the chef the way you wanted your omelette. Sans cheese, sans onions, lots of chilles. Quite contrary to the one I like. Not that I'm going to tell you how. I'll leave it to you to figure it out. It was funny how you like your breads toasted only on one side. You folded your omelette appropriately and places it on your half toasted bread, and sliced the grilled tomatoes and ham into quarters and further loaded them onto the omelette. And you picked it up like a pizza slice and nibbled it down to nothing. Speaking of, your perfectly sculpted lips making out with your food for each bite pulled me further closer to you. There's definitely an intimacy I never realised before existed in watching someone eat. With each progressive bite they take, you get familiar with how their face and pace changes. And I think you ordered for something to drink and I noticed the waiter refilling your mug with black coffee. Coffee, it was then. Yes, I definitely like you more now. 

I wanted to stay to see you finish your meal, but my personal nutjob time was running out. I crossed over to the fabulous garden the hotel possessed after a long shower. My eyes glided towards the pool where I detected bikini clad bodies and some obscure beauties. I wouldn't really label them obscure. No, absolutely not. Forgive me if you find my understanding of the word obscure weirdly different, for it is. I wouldn't deny that. Well, coming back to the garden, of course, you would have noticed the not-so-high weeds, the tiny part where the ground lay comfortably under a blanket of flowers of as many colours as I seem to remember. But I headed for the way where there were piled up rocks. I have been sitting there a lot since the past two days that I've been residing here. The place over looks a tiny lake with an area successive of a land with sky high grass. It's beautiful. I've been spending some considerable time here. You should come by some time. If I'm assuming you to be the nutjob that you are, you'll like it. I was sitting there, as usual, and there you were. Tall, tanned, with an undefinable hairstyle, a small grin. That was obscure. Because it was deep, and dark, because it churned things inside me that shouldn't be. Without providing me any heed, you climbed the rock, and sat beside me. Your pinky held mine. Without uttering any word, we gaped at the beauty that was there in front of us in silence. There was no real need to talk. Words would have ruined it. All I want to say is thank you, for five days of the same beautiful moment. 

From a nutjob to a nutjob, I just like extra onions and pepperoni instead of ham on my omelette and no sugar at all in my coffee. 

The-woman-who-sat-beside-you-on-breakfast-table (Wifey)



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