Friday, 28 June 2013

You. With Me.

Let's learn to count for once,
Not notes, but heartbeats.
Let's realise the mistakes,
Of not us, but of people around.
Let's not be bothered,
Not by our own taunts, but the people.
Let's learn rejection,
Of not the easy love, but of difficulties.
Let's not show our backs in bed,
But hold each other in our dreams.
Let's not talk about the holiday missed,
But of the entire night that lies ahead of us.
Let's not cry over the money not earned,
But on the babies we didn't make. 
Let's forget walking in the rain,
But remember the autumn where the trees were the sky.
Let's not think up of how to not let each other go,
But of how to give each other a new reason to stay each day.
Let's not think of how our destinies were entwined,
But how our hearts were stitched up to only love each other. 
Let's not think of walking the same bridge,
But of balancing together on separate roads, with a pinky hold.
Let's not pillow talk sweet nothings,
But travel to the darker side to have yet another night.
Let's not see how different this can turn out to be,
But how similar we can grow to be together.
Let's not degrade ourselves in the mind of our mess,
But become a better judge of one another.
Let's not fight, and shout, and break things,
But give each other the scars of happiness.
Let's not try explaining ourselves,
But open up ourselves to read each other's soul.
Let's not go on long drives singing together,
But comprehend how silence is our language.
Let's not cringe at how normal people are,
But know it a language solely ours.
Let's not see ourselves in different mirrors,
Because we're better seen off as each other's.
Let's not exchange our music,
But create one that's truly ours.
Let's not pray to our angels,
For our demons are perfectly compatible.

Still out, 


  1. Now this my friend, was lovely.

    Heart charmingly satisfying. a completion. :)


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