Thursday, 18 July 2013

Workshop 4: Nature

Nature is a wonderful cure. However upset you might grow one day, there's nothing about nature that'll not make you happy. I remember feeling low each time as a kid when I would be unable to create an inspiration for myself to write anything. And at the best and worst of times, nature was always there at the disposal. Get out in the night, walk on the dewy weeds, take in the light breeze dancing through your hair, listen to the fireflies hum and sway on that swing you spent your childhood on. There is nothing that can be solved in the world with those few minutes of serenity. 



  1. i prefer the nights. a secluded road passing through a thickset of trees. feeble darkness but for the light of the moon. the sound of nature. brilliant stuff.

    1. Add a cigarette to it. Perfect stuff.

    2. hah. i dont smoke. but yes to a smoker than would be haven. :)


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