Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Okay, FINE!

Bloody retests tomorrow and day after. Sucks ass, monkey-fucking-stinking-ass. However when I'll be done with it, I'll still have a week more until college will start - second year[woohoo!]. Apparently, that. There are different theories even to reopening dates. Funny college I'm in. So that one-almost-week will be a busy one. I'm going to preoccupy myself with almost everything. Even getting useless sleep. 

  • Meet Jagisha on Saturday. Screw the entire day, spending time wit her. We both need it. And then of course, tease Monika about it. Who, by the way, got into NIFT-H. Much happiness.
  • Have a Photowalk again. Reminder:Call Srishti and Aparajita.
  • Get more books. Read more. Write twice a day, if possible. 
  • Join gym. [Bleh. Who am I kidding?]
  • Take my mother on a date.
  • Save money and buy iPhone, all by myself. Yeah, going to take a while, but whatever. I have to manage for my own gadgets.
  • Try getting a Lumia for my brother too. Again going to take a while. 
  • Write more poems. Well, try at least. 
  • Revive all the classic metal library. NEED TO DO THIS URGENTLY. 
  • Get lazy whenever I can. Even while driving.I mean you know, pull over, walk about uselessly, eat roadside momos, get beer from theka [=P], lie down on the car top, click randomly, and irritate other drivers. Sounds something. 
  • And if Kanika hopefully hosts August, take part in it.
  • And well, go to college and slog for another year then.
Some recent pictures, companèros.


Bored with history,

Bored with History,

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