Thursday, 25 July 2013


Nostalgia is a bitch. Standing in a moment you never want to terminate, will never seem like something you'd crave for in the future. It is never easy to forget things. Forget easy. It's not possible to forget the past. Only its soreness passes by gradually, and you carry that lull ache all your life with you - having it reside in your mind constantly, without parting even a single ray of consideration to it. But after a point of time it grows along with you, like a child. Inconspicuously, it'll pinch you in different parts. And it'll parch you with the thirst of satiating that one longing that's been burdening you. 

As for me, I'm sometimes do-it-now and sometimes wait-for-it kind of person. On and off. But I'm mostly the keep-it-to-yourself kind. But one thing I'm definitely not is regretful. I never reflect any manner of remorse on my doing, whatsoever. 
So the thing is...
That I don't want to look back and wonder what if I would have done that? Oh, and I'm sure to look back some day because I know that back here, will be the place I'd want to be for the rest of my life. So, I'm not going to get into oh-shit-i-need-to-move-on shit. Falling in love with you has made me feel a lot of things, even exhausted, but regretful. So I won't push a risk away of even a fifteen minute phone call, even if it might leave me craving for more. And I'll carry that lulling ache with me, watch it grow until it'll make long for something, so that when I look back, I'll know there was nothing I didn't do.  
You should try it too. Makes whole lot of sense out of all the crap I keep blabbering. 

Always here,

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