Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Ego has never been my strong point. I'm high-headed, yes. But if an apology is required out of me to set things straight, I'll do it nonetheless, regardless of the fact that I might be at fault. But, lately, I've discovered I might just have a slight ray of ego cracking through somewhere. Because believe it or not, I've refrained a million times from establishing any sort of contact thinking if you had to, you would already have - of course, the most absurd of reasons to give up on things easily. Well, that's a cheeky way of giving up, rather being egoistic. I've been simply very narked recently, wouldn't deny that. You've been egoistic too. Yeah, really. Not that I've been leading you to read Stoner so that you could actually infer what's been going on, but still you should keep a check. It's good manners, you know. 

There was a point when we were completely open to each other, absolutely vulnerable, yet at comfort with that knowledge. Because we thought it was us. You see, that's where we went wrong. There never was an us. There were you and me, and our crap. And that third person created enough havoc for shit to happen. I don't know why I'm talking to you again. But since now we've discovered that I'm egoistic enough to not create any contact, but I still wish to converse, so I'm writing this. This is my best bet to be nearest to you. 

Well, I had something about letters going on in my mind. Peculiarly intriguing word, letters. Whatever, I gotta leave. 


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  1. I understand what you are saying.
    You wanna talk to that person, but then you think about what happened all over, so you just skip the whole idea. Sigh.

    Take Care :)


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