Monday, 5 August 2013

Astonishing August: Day Four - Dance With Me!

"Through all the adversities,
I saw the light,
Blinding me with truth,
Dancing around my eyes,
Like a paradigm broadway,
Because sometimes,
Only sometimes, you witness,
Something so surreal,
Yet feeling utterly real.
Corroborating its existence, 
Every night,
Was the only excuse to be together with them,
Finding refuge in its silence,
I lay atop my car,
Each night,
Glaring at the enormous luminaries. 
I'll remember the next time,
To get that bottle of wine,
Which bequeaths me with the same inebriation,
That my fondness for you does. 

Again a part of Kanika's Astonishing August. Later, peeps. 



  1. unfeeling. lol. funny, how it comes after something that is so deep. :)

    1. are u referring to those when in denial, lost to something and not ready to be?


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