Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Astonishing August: Day Seven - Ride

"The world awed at her glory. Admired her for being who she was. Worshipped her for the deeds she did. Funny how all of this would have sounded to be an absurd joke only a few years ago. Because she was the one always standing out of the line, breaking the norms, embracing the unseen. So what if she was alone? So what if her gifted visions were the reason of her melancholia? For what she saw for the truthful was truth, for the sinful was sin. Each time she envisioned something, it would keep taking a piece of her. One little bite of cheese each time. But that little girl, she took the biggest part of them all. She cut her into half - half enough, to never be completed again by anyone. And she still stood there, with her eyes transfixed, each time searching for her, because it was only her she saw among everyone else, because if it weren't for her, she never had been here. Casting her own spells, she waved away the world. 'Cause God knew, she wasn't a mystery made to be solved."

Again a part of Kanika's Astonishing August.
College starts tomorrow. A new page again. 

Still wishing, 

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