Monday, 12 August 2013


So what if things go wrong?
If they screw up?
If people end up being the wrong one?
So, simply what?
Let's go back to the start.
Let's go back to knowing one another as a musician and a writer only.
To having only a social network relationship.
To not knowing anything about each other.
To never have gone beyond a Facebook chat.
To never have talked about beyond music, books and work.
To never have drunk-dialled/ texted each other.
Hell, to never have even had each others' number.
Let's add each other again on Facebook.
Let's strike a first conversation again.
Let's bitch about work load, and teachers again.
Let's unhear all the music we shared.
Let's untalk all the dumbfuck bikinis and cars and artists and bands and egghead conversations. 
Let's not smoke up after my design jury.
Let's unlearn each others' secrets.
Let's un-christen all the nicknames we had.
Let's not think about all the times we tried making the other one feel better.
Let's unexplore all our weak points.
Let's erase each others' names from recent call/ text lists.
Let's unlike each other.
Let's unsmoke the cigarettes we smoked. 
Let's erase all the drunk conversations.
Let's un-understand each other.
Let's unknow each other.
Let's be unloved by each other.
Let's unfight all our fights.
Let's dust all our dirty conversations.
Let's unmake all the times we made up to each other. 
Let's talk on that just one single day that we didn't.
Let's undoubt all your doubts.
Let's keep you from going.
Let's unweep all my cries and pleas.
Let's do everything all over again.
Let's do things differently.
Let's make you fall in love with me this time, instead.
Let's know each other, again.
Let's discover filthy secrets of each other, again.
Let's get together, again.
Let's fall in love, again.
Let's be there for each other when we promise so, again.
Let's listen too all the music we shared together, again.
Let's discuss how stupid Fast6 was, again.
Let's Skype, again.
Let's turn each other on, again.
Let's want to be with each other, again.
Let's drunk-dial, again.


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