Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Breath Of You.

And then the window illuminated with goldenness,
The curtain danced all shades of orange,
Sometimes, changing the colour of my sheets,
And at other times, the tint of my tresses,
Sliding deeper in the quilt,
But just enough to treat my eyes,
With the love light made with my room, 
Its warmth felling through under the window, 
Spreading in the room, and me,
Which tingles my toes, 
And tickles my waist,
Warming my hair, 
Like the hands of a lover holding your head,
Revel in it, soak in it, take it all in,
Like a breath of you, 
Under the brown autumn sky.

The laziness to abandon the cosy crippling you,
And the doorbells constantly ringing for milk,
But lay there for another while, just,
As I will,
For how many mornings have you created,
When you woke up for yourself,
And took the sunrise in for yourself,
For how many nights have you survived through,
To sleep only to those few moments of dawn,
Like a mother, sweet, lullabying her baby to sleep,
Oh, throw away that newspaper, for God's sake,
Which doesn't feature Calvin and Hobbes anymore,
And throw away that abomination you call an alarm,
It's ruining the sound of morning cracking in,
Throw away, throw yourself,
Like a woman, blindingly, running into a man's arms,
Revel in it, soak in it, take it all in,
Like a breath of you,
Under the brown autumn sky.

Procrastinating through submissions. Brilliant!

Lazed out,


  1. Whoa Wow!
    Mindblowingly awesome. I mean it.

  2. that smile. that glint in the eyes. those earrings. and that poetry. very rarely are things in the world as perfect.


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