Wednesday, 2 October 2013


You and I, we weren't made of love, 
Or poems, or destiny,
We just happened, cluelessly, blindly,
All that made us up was faith,
In giving, in talking, in sharing,
Without even the blink of an eye,
Such happenstances,
Don't happen too often.

In this world,
That's often cold and dark,
I find warmth in the thoughts of you,
The fire to heat me, 
To ignite me,
Read me,
Before the words fade away,
In my pages,
Read me,
Before I take those pages,
And light the faltering fire.

Possibilities are a funny thing, sure.
I wrote the second part at a time when things were new, changing. Ten parts later, things are still new, changing. And you're still the reason for them. Possibilities. 



  1. Option 1 - Go tell him!!!
    Option 2 - Read option 1 again.

    1. Result1 - Trust me, have done that a million times already!!!
      Result2 - Read result 1 again.

    2. Maybe he is impotent then
      Or suffering of AIDS -_-

    3. There are far more important feelings in a human to consider than impotency or AIDS. He's more of a man than any other guy I've ever met.

    4. Ok! Then its really complicated.

      Option 3 - Forget him.


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