Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Don't Say. Say.

Overly sweet coffee, and the underestimated bland tea,
Broken spines of a book, and fallen leaves of the gingery tree,
Boisterous silences, and the straining piano notes,
Broken phone networks, and prudently hearted notes,
Loquacious senses, and sardonic tongues,
Unknown ignorances, and methodical glances,
Stolen truths, and concealing lies,
Surreptitious smiles, and reluctant cries,
Starry nights, and tacitly retired drives,
Solitary overhauls, and conjoined cautions,
Supervised footsteps, and the agreeable wind chimes,
Blistering softness, and the disquieting light,
Fleeting sheets, and dented bolsters,
Desiccated throats, and clammily sultry bodies,
Unkempt love, and the copious confessions,
The incessant denials, and the fate's laughter in your face. 

Oh, the inevitability of things.



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