Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fingers Never Lie

How different were the two?
Like the darkness of a liquor chocolate,
Against the dewy cinnamon bagels?
Or the roaring of the sea,
Against the hidden hushes of an avalanche,
How different were their voices?
Like the inconsistency of your consistent black coffee,
Against the bitter carnality of that cabernet?
Or, the squelchy parcel from the rains,
Against the velvety pats of snow against your face?
How different were their eyes when they looked at you?
Like the ones which gleam simply in desire,
Against the one screaming out to you in need?
Or the way a child clings to his toy,
Against a weeping bride holding onto her father's shoulders?
How different were their hands?
Like the robust hand from the heist of a ravenous man,
Against the hands that devour you under the sheets?
Or the ones whose touch make you whinge,
Against the ones which make you close your eyes in conviction?
How different were their seasons?
Like the sun's fervour fluxing your cream,
Against the schmaltzy letters from the rain written on your feet?
Or like the autumn that brought back the bronze,
Against the snow in your backyard on Christmas?
How different were they? How apart were they?
Yet you chose him,
You chose the immature, and dark,
You chose desire, and lust,
You chose words over untouchable silence,
Only 'cause you know, he'd understand.

By David Gonzales (US)

Longest time.


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