Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Why, peter out from labelling my opaque coffee so sinister, when it's your breaths that constantly obscure its fidelity to me. Same breaths, your husky breaths, which wrote stories like Braille over my shoulders I still read. And stop secreting behind the book when you clearly are thinking about licking the wetness that has cascaded down my throat and is snuggly leaning off my cleavage - which would still blush of you. And my chest would swell from the slightest prompting of your voice. Stop rummaging hands through your hair! They're tethering my heart and lungs in multitudes of knots inside my chest. I remember the time my hands shuddered from tugging at your hair as they perused through all your apprehensions. Did you just scrutinise me why I think you did? I know. I remember this song, too. It's the one you raged out on my throat to dampen the fire in it, which smouldered with a flame, but no smoke. And your foxy eyes, are always a different colour - darker, whenever you look at me like that, shining and brimming with entreaties I've come to agnize and join like a puzzle. A conundrum that your divine - no, pulchritudinous -  body plays with me every time I'm sprawled over those velvets you splurged on, for me. With you looking unequivocally comely next to me, with your rough skin brushing against........
 Get back to your book, for heaven's sake! I can't breathe with you looking at me like that!

Funny how you're encumbered by homesickness for so much!
Well, for now,


  1. that picture.

    pulchritudinous... what does it mean? You are getting too good for me :|

    but yes, the story was terrific. everything about it. the words, half of which i didn't understand, the flow, the essence of which hits you in the face and well the title too. no idea what that means either. shit shit shit.


    dont get too dark inside a.

    1. Pulchritudinous, is archaic for beautiful. I always am, for everyone.
      Thank you.
      A mien is a look.

  2. Okay and as one of your readers, can i request you remove the bot check right before a comment? kills me. like really.


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