Friday, 5 December 2014

Winter, Won't Be All Over Me

Twelve flavours
Twelve lovers
Twelve dates
Twelve places 
Twelve kisses
Twelve beds
Twelve breakfasts
Twelve flowers
Twelve coffees
Twelve teas
Twelve omelettes
Twelve sunny side ups
Twelve walks
Twelve restaurants
Twelve pasts
Twelve presents
Twelve futures
Twelve projects
Twelve jobs
Twelve cities
Twelve foods
Twelve eyes
Twelve voices
Twelve poems
Twelve stories
Twelve songs
Twelve genres
Twelve exes
Twelve, more to come
Twelve t-shirts
Twelve shirts
Twelve sweaters
Twelve bras
Twelve blankets
Twelve days
Twelve nights
Twelve weeks
Twelve months
The past year
And the next to come.

Happier this time, 

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