Tuesday, 15 December 2015

BlogMas 2015 Day Thirteen! - Christmas Movies

Hello, everybody! And it's BlogMas Day Thirteen!
It's just twelve days to Christmas. On day twelve, it was thirteen days to Christmas. I'm simply rambling. Don't bother me. Still working, though my sheets are done, and I'm onto the model now. You have absolutely no idea how relieved I am that i've finished my sheets, and had them printed this evening. It's literally, like a load off my chest. And tomorrow, after 5pm in the evening, I'll taste freedom. You see, Urban Design is a work done in groups, unlike general architecture studios. And, initially I had no problem with it because I thought that more people means more brains, more ideas, more effort. But, well. You all know what I said about mediocrity a few days ago. Fortunately, I was comfortable with my UD partner, and I'm happy with what we've designed. So I'm hopeful for tomorrow. Nervous and scared, but hopeful. 

The juries and exams post design are very minutely trivial, to be honest. So, I'll fortunately have enough time to watch a movie (or two, hee hee) everyday. And I'm dying to get started on some Christmas movies! Also, I tried hot chocolate with cinnamon. OH. MY GOD. Y'all should try. I've listed up some movies I want to watch!

1. Elf. How obvious.
2. Father Christmas. I've actually forgotten this movie. Watched it as a kid. You know, it came out on my birthday. But I wasn't born yet until two years after this. So yeah, it was just released on Christmas eve. 
3. It's a Wonderful Life. I've heard it's good, and since it's such a classic, it has to be here.
4. Home Alone series. I mean, I'm a 90s kid, and this movie is such a staple in the childhood movie repertoire. 
5. Miracle on 34th Street. Both new and old. This one, too, I've completely forgotten. Need to remind myself why I like it. When I googled it a few days ago to see when did it come out. Guys. 1947. 19-bloody-40-bloody-7. I thought it was a 70s movie, I don't know why. But then I'd forgotten it since I saw it as a kid.
6. Holiday Inn. Another very, absolutely old classic.
7. The Polar Express. Because I love it.
8. A Christmas Carol. This is the Jim Carrey version. Disney was a staple in our childhood, guys. Let's not forget it. 
I guess there are some Mickey Mouse movies too of Christmas. Don't know. I will have a mind to check that.
9. I'll be Home for Christmas. Another Disney movie.
10. Tangled. Because there is a lot of snow in it. Just that. That's as much random as I can get. Did I mention Disney? I guess we all know how I feel about Disney.
11. Scrooge. It's the older version of A Christmas Carol. This I'll be seeing for the first time. 
12. The Year Without A Santa Claus. Because Santa deserves love, people. They only get a day a year! That actually makes me sad thinking about it.
13. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Again, Jim Carrey is the Grinch.
14. One Magic Christmas. It teaches you good things. And, to be happy!
15. Love Actually. A little romance is fine. Just a little. 
16. All I Want For Christmas. It's really cute. he kids in it are awesome. 

If you guys have any more suggestion, do let me know. There can never be too much Christmas anything, really. One day until freedom. Isn't Santa below adorable?

Until then.
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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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