Wednesday, 9 December 2015

BlogMas 2015 Day Seven! - Juries and Design!

Hello, everybody! And it's BlogMas Day Seven!
Firstly, I want to apologise for not posting day seven, on day seven because of being caught up in work. And since it's very much morning of the ninth day, I'm still working. Well! You know, architecture! You'll also be reading the post for day eight, right after this.

Since I'd gabbed enough about my dissertation jury being on the seventh day, and how much I was fretting it. Guys. It. Went. Awesome. I was absolutely delighted, still am, in fact. It was a good half hour productive discussion I had with my juror, a de facto counteractive one. She disagreed on a lot of points, but, well, y'all know how persuasive I can be. Not that we didn't agree to disagree. It almost felt like all my hard work paying me back in spades, when the juror ended up nodding her approval and agreeing with me. Cherry on the top? It's a good idea to e taken to thesis. My inner diva silently fist pumped in the air. No joke.

The rest of the evening and night went by working on the GODDAMN URBAN DESIGN SITE MODEL. By one in the morning I was literally hanging on by a thread. Did catch a good sleep, though. Now have been up and working since five in the evening. Which brings us to today.

Still in throes of editing my WordPress blog, and I'll post a link to you as soon as that's done. Also, I'll be a very occupied until Friday night with work and probably not tweet or snap or write much, and even if I post a day late, I'll not miss a day. Promise!
Until then.
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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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