Tuesday, 15 December 2015

BlogMas 2015 Day Twelve! - So Sleepy

Hello, everybody! And it's BlogMas Day Twelve!
It's a Saturday, and I've been in my little side of the bed, absolutely transfixed in front of my laptop, scowling at Photoshop because it just won't import my sheet. It's also a Saturday which feels like Friday as I've been here and not moved unless I really had to take a wee since three in the morning of Thursday, working away. But this sounds like the story of every semester, every six months. 

It's actually nuts on my bed - has been for three days. There's a mountain of sheets over me, around me. The only things I can spot clearly is my redder than red blanket, and my laptop, which is of course staring me in the face. It's definitely probably cursing me right now. I'm going to get back to work because really, I don't want to fail design or put up hasty, untidy, uninteresting or unappealing sheets. NOPE!

I apologise, in advance, if my posts seem too random until Monday or Tuesday. I'm really engrossed in work right now. So much that even when I break for a few minutes, my mind is still visualising my sheet, all done. My brain is literally working at 50 miles an hour. Hanging on by a thread, to be honest - going to fall off any minute. No joke. But I'll be back nicely. I promise. 

Until then.
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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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