Sunday, 6 December 2015

BlogMas Day Five! - Mistletoe

Hello, everybody! And it's Blogmas Day Five!
I had a very quiet day, as it happens. I had a goodly amount of sleep, and spent the entire day with my father, frolicking and laughing - and it was the best day ever! After we returned home, I have also been editing and customising my WordPress blog which I'd started but, sadly, abandoned it for a very long time, as I had this one, as well.

My yesterday's conversation wasn't much of one since I quoted the lyrics to some of my all time favourite Gulzar and some other tracks. Since I stopped at wants and needs, and I was in a mood for a bit of fiction. There you go.

She peeked from the canyon the inconsistent heights of the books created, and saw him. She adjusted her glasses and yet again, there was a befitting tilt too his amber eyes as he looked for a book. She wondered if he'd pry the tattoos around her ribs in an agnate fashion. He heightened his prying, and her mouth watered from the temptation to taster the column of his throat. So much, that her mouth felt dry and she stuck out her tongue to moisten it and tasted berries. She wondered again, if he'd prefer the taste of berries, or something or subtle or spicy. She studied the rise and fall of his jet black hair, arrogant around his crown, but curling around his nape. She wondered if they'd feel on her skin, exactly how hers would feel on his.
She'd often sneak up on the shelves after his departures in hopes of sniffing his leftover perfume, inhaling it in more measures than the air she needed to live - it was spicy, and woody. Only, not knowing that he was in turn sneaking in her departed shelves to catch her scent - like the mistletoe he'd been hanging from his headboard since he sniffed her in the library queue. 

Just a little fiction for today.
Speaking of perfumes, I'll get back to you on that tomorrow. 
Until then.
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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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