Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BlogMas 2016 Day Eighteen - College

Hello. It's Day Eighteen. Just a week to Christmas.
When I started BlogMas this year again, I was fretting about not being able to see it till the end. At each passing day, I would think of how many days still to go for Christmas. And now, I'm trying to stir up a new excuse to do daily blogging in some other month. It's important to cherish.
I miss college. More so, I miss the freedom and carelessness that I harboured. And the transition is drastic, you know. You don't even realise where it's all gone. But my fourth year was most definitely an absolute blast! I reckon by that time we all had been together enough years and grown up enough to hold those friendships dear. And I think there are always a couple of them that run deeper. Right out of school, everyone thinks they've probably crossed a long phase of their lives, and the nose is consequentially quite a bit up in the air. And that is also an age where we are least bothered about who thinks what of us. So, for a phase alike that, people accepting us just as are just that much dearer. And by the time you grow out of that phase, it is time to start all over again. Though, it's not lucky third time seeing as you have to be that much wary of how much of yourself you can be. Suffice it to say, I was fluky when I reached that phase as well because I found people, not only as crazy as me but so much more. Just for that, I was so easily able to deal with college getting over. It's different in an architecture school. It's not a conventional three year college. Over and above spending four years in college, archi school makes you hop from your house to college to someone else's house to college to mostly not your home at least.
I cannot be thankful enough for last year. I have more memories in just last year than I have from the first three years put together. You need to make an effort for yourself, at least, so you have something to remember.

I know this one is quite short, today. But I really can't keep my eyes open anymore.
Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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