Wednesday, 7 December 2016

BlogMas 2016 Day Five - Look

Hello. It's Day Five.
I reckon there's a charm that is born out of sincerity.  The uncomplicated act of being so engrossed in what's caught your attention, is the most attractive quality to me about any human. I read someone's post on Twitter saying, "Be so busy with your own life, that you have no time to judge others for theirs." And, undoubtedly the people I've seen most engaged in life, are the ones to also be the most pleasant. You can, plain as a day, see the satisfaction such people feel , if not looking at the result of their work, but while doing it also. They greet their work everyday like an old friend, yet go through it all day like it's the one unexplored part on the planet that He had hidden from everybody. And the more unusual the work, the more they feed on it like a scavenger to fill in their incomplete knowledge. Such people grab my attention. They make me want to write poems and sonnets about their commitment.

Though, this is not to tell you how pleasing it is for me to come across such people. This is about learning to feed your hunger. These past few months I've realised that something as intangible as knowledge, is really like a chicken. The better use you want to make of it, the more you need to fatten it up. Knowledge is a bottomless chasm in a cauldron made out of sincerity. The more you pour in, the more colours it morphs. Way back in 2013, I wrote about how I sometimes contemplated, that I would probably be better at writing than I would be at architecture. And, I also remember realising that there was nothing as a wrong choice. Some choices that do not seem right for now, might be for later. And I'm glad now for not veering off the path I'd chosen. And I believe, your work is the most harmless thing to love to such an obsession. It's demanding and resourceful in all the right ways. Hoard your work. It's never not fruitful.

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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