Sunday, 11 December 2016

BlogMas 2016 Day Nine - Tick Tock

Hello. It's Day Nine. Two posts in a day. Look who's golden.
I went to town with my father today. Well, not painting-the-town-red-partying, but Town, southern side of the city. My father was born and brought up in Bombay. He showed me his school, where he lived as a child, all the places he would meet his friends, every single nook where he and his friends would go every time they bunked school. My father is my father (duh!) - it was equally wondrous for me, to look at him literally walk through almost two decades of his life, as it was for him to see how much had changed. It only made me wonder how much of this experience would alter all his childhood memories, now making him think of what all from his childhood had changed rather than what was there. He told me he loved Delhi more, but what if he comes back to this place when he's old and wrinkly. It was again wondrous for me to see how the nostalgia for his childhood morphed into a nostalgia for a future nobody is sure about. 

Is it possible, really? To be nostalgic for a future you might or mightn't achieve. I refrain from using the word yearning, because it still implies an affirmation in knowing what to want for your future, and the possibility of aspiring for it and/or going after it. What about being nostalgic for a possibility? Last year, during BlogMas itself, as it happens, I'd written a post called Barter. Writing this right now, is making me nostalgic about last year. I'd spoken at that time about how little we allow ourselves to be a part of our own lives, because busy being stuck in some other time. I shall get back on more of this tomorrow.

Until Then. 

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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