Wednesday, 21 December 2016

BlogMas 2016 Day Nineteen - Still

Hello. It's Day Nineteen. And, six days to Christmas.
I'm quite blank for this one, here. Last year, during BlogMas I had done a trail with all the posts. It just constantly kept spinning with whatever I ended the post about on each day. This time, I thought I'd take each day as it comes and as it happens and actually talk to you about it. But today, I'm blank. I could talk to you about how I spent my day, if knowing the happenings of an architecture studio interest you. But how wondrous it is to not be able to think of anything. Everyday we try so hard to switch off and avoid social media for a bit. Not think at all, and be still. But when our brain switches off all by its own effort, we're worried and restless. 

It's an extraordinary gift, to control the mind using the mind itself. Sounds like cannibalism a bit to me, if I'm honest. You use your mind to feed your mind full with satisfaction. This happens to be one really advantageous practice that in me, was probably born out of reading. And it was only when I'd just written the first line when I realised, whilst coming home I was reading on my phone. And my mind knew all to well to tell my mind to switch off. With reading, I reckon, you momentarily live as a bystander in someone else's life, and forget your own. My mind knows to stop thinking about my life anymore. Find something that stills you. It's important to stop thinking. There's only so much the brain can come up with and take at the same time. You could also just sleep. I mean, that's the best answer ever to most impossible things in life. Joking. Since my mind is shut, I should be shutting my eyes too.

I've realised it's sort of difficult to write the longer posts when you're daily blogging. There's only so much and so many things you can talk about. Even a lot of general posts in the past, I was reading the other day while reminiscing, are extremely long. These posts feel like those short, snippet stories you find on Instargram accounts. And I genuinely feel they were much better quality to read as well than BlogMas. The flip side I surely love about BlogMas is that they're literally my everyday thoughts and not something I've been contemplating about to write over a couple of days. I might also be rambling on right now.

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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