Friday, 2 December 2016

BlogMas 2016 Day One - Perry Cross

It's been surprisingly too long, as has been the year. Inspite of that, I'm subtly disbelieving of how soon I'm doing another BlogMas. Which proves, I should write more often.
The past few months have spun out most interestingly. Considering I have been cheeky about updating the blog, and most of you don't know, I moved to a new city. Bombay. Shocking. 

Shocking much to my dismay is, how much a new city teaches you about itself. And Bombay excels at that. As beautiful as some parts of Bombay are, it's much at a standstill as  far as living is concerned. People seem to have spent lifetimes without stepping out of their five mile radius. If not, everyone one is fleeting in an absolutely robotic rush to the farthest end of the city - that includes me. There are innumerate brilliant places to visit. And there's also the sea. However, much like everyone in the city, for me, too, the sea is exactly where it is - beyond. Bombay reminds me a lot of the movie I, Robot. It's exactly what's happening to the city. It's up and running and active, but it's completely bereft of the knowledge of how to and how beautiful it is to live. Bombay is missing a pulse.

Belonging from Delhi, you can well imagine, I'm habitual of writing at this time of the year inside a blanket. Throw in a hot chocolate, and some marshmallows too.  There's no winters here. I'm honestly starting to understand how Australians must feel during Christmas.
Also, my Santa Snow is back on.

It's just short of midnight, and for the next day to start. And, it's the most wonderful time of the year.
Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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