Monday, 5 December 2016

BlogMas 2016 Day Three - Deer Park

Hello. It's Day Three.
Have you ever experienced time dissolving and vanishing around you? The one thing I crave at this time in my life is Deer Park. It's a massive forest-park in Delhi. For those you who've never lived in a city that has winters, might not understand it. I miss driving down to Deer Park every other weekend in the wee bit hours of morning and walking down every trail I could find, knowing I fathom every part of that place better than the back of my hand, also knowing I'd end up at the Hauz Khas Lake despite the route. Walking through winters there is nothing less than meeting an old lover. The foggy trails and the mist covering the lake even when it's sharp eight in the morning, were the moments I would give all my precious weekend mornings away from. My restlessness always seemed to bid em adieu every time I was in the Park. It would be me, my hour long walks and the chai from Green Park paan-wala thereafter. That place made be cognisant of the fact that nature and time go brilliantly together. The prior doesn't quantify the other, and the latter can't change the beauty of the first. There are few things or people in the world that turn you within yourself. Deer Park is that one thing for me. 

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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