Monday, 26 December 2016

BlogMas 2016 Day Twenty Four - 2017

Hello. It's Day Twenty Four. Merry Christmas, everyone!
Twenty four days of writing are over. When I'd gone through the first week of BlogMas, it felt like the month was passing by so slow that BlogMas would never end. And now, I'll have to wait for another whole year to do this. I'll be honest. I was a little wary of doing BlogMas this year. It did take a toll. After work, I had to be awake till wee hours in the night to write every post. I reckon I did a poorer job of this year's BlogMas than last year considering I really haven't had much response this time. Though I have to thank every single one of you who still clicked my links everyday and read all the nonsense I wrote for twenty four days, because my page-views have never been better. So, thank you. I know if a job's worth doing then it's worthy of having some effort put into it. This year, I didn't articulate anything. I wasn't sensitive enough to how pleasant everything I'm writing will be to the eye and the mind. That's me falling back on my job. And, here I was thinking of officially starting another blog. And once, the winter ends, I will also have to stop my blog snow and change the fairy lights header. It's sometimes difficult to conclude a contemplation regarding whether or not should I post everything I write offline, too. Because, there are certain pieces that I'm too possessive about for anyone to read. Somehow, I do feel that those are one of my better pieces, and if I'm being dishonest with my writing and to people who have been reading me for almost five years now. Though, I feel that's not entirely true, because in the past five years I have turned here, and not my notebook if I've wanted to rant and vent because I know someone is always listening without barging much in on this space. Isn't that all we all want? Only to be heard? And I know there's a load of you that hear me. 

I missed blogging for the longest of time. However, in the past couple of years I felt that what the blog was arrogating from me, was much more than I was grappling from writing in this space. So I stopped feeding it anymore. I took an elongated break from this give and take business, because I'd found more things in life that are far more important for me that I needed to feed. And, I do not fumble with my words here. Writing is very important to me but not more than my work. It's like feeding a child to health. And I've been starving this baby for this entire past year, until it was time for cookies. While I thought it was alright of me to do that, and I started redeeming my said deed with daily blogging, I realised that I was somewhere bleak with the idea of taking a break from writing. Writing is always something that comes from deep within. So people reading this who also happen to write will know what I'm talking about. And sometimes you do feel like you don't have much at the moment to draw something from yourself to give any better. I have written about the smallest of inklings I've felt looking at the smallest of things. Hell, I've written two poems just watching fallen leaves. Something that is so dead. And, I liked that about myself. That my mind didn't have to be on another alignment altogether to seek inspiration to write. Simple things did it for me. And, that is also something what daily blogging is all about. It's so mundane and simple. There's nothing artistic or faulty about it. Though more than daily blogging, it was the poems or the proses that took more out of me. Don't get me wrong. I love daily blogging. But the poems are also something I put my everything (well, almost) in. Because I want it to be all the more beautiful. Daily blogging just is. And I realised that I don't really have to put an effort into it because it is just like living everyday. Just as. I also realised that I live all year around and not just during Christmas month for me to daily blog. I've thought about this entire month, and I would like to daily blog. Not everyday or every month. Of course, BlogMas will happen every year. I promise it, but it would also depend on my disposition at the time. I would still do my best. But, I would like to daily blog one week maybe at least once in two months. Because I need to learn to offer myself some time to sit back and reflect. And, I've always done that while writing. So, come next year, I'm going to try to give my best shot not only to poems, but also to daily blogging.

Meanwhile, I really hope you all had a healthy and contented Christmas, and holidays with your family. God knows there are thousands who have lost theirs. Though, I do wonder how God is alright with such cruelty. But I'd still ask you to pray because there are cities where Father Christmas isn't visiting this year. A very Merry Christmas to y'all, and the best wishes for 2017. I will see you next year. Be thankful, be well.
Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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