Monday, 19 December 2016

BlogMas Day Seventeen - Aleppo

Hello. It's Day Seventeen.
Since I was a kid, I always saw my parents donate a lot. Monetarily or materialistically. And that always got to me. There came a time when myself and my brother reached a certain age where we understood that everything holds value, and that the value of something depended on how much you're entitled to in life. As kids, there were times when my brother and I would want something more, or just more things for the sheer heck of it. I reckon after our first tantrum, our father once showed us a beggar, armless and helpless, and asked us if the correct way of looking at our lives is to realise we have more by how many standards, or how much lesser than whom. So, until we were teenagers and we needed things that were more constant, each year on our respective birthdays, our parents would make us pick out things that we didn't need anymore, or would probably be of more use to someone than us. Clothes, books, toys, shoes, previous year notebooks to study. Anything. And we did. For a lot of years we did this. My birthday is close. And it's been a few years since we donated things. 

There's a country in the world that is in a worse disposition than most of the world's poor. What's surprising is that the world is not doing anything about it. There is an entire city which was beautiful and modern, that's now up in fumes. There's rubble instead of buildings everywhere. People are dying everyday. Every single day. Can you recall one incident if a loved one of yours was in hospital or an accident or in a critical point in health ever? I know it feels horrible. There are thousands of people in Aleppo who don't even know if their family is alive or dead or should they be looking for them or fleeing. All their possessions and belongings are lost, they own nothing anymore. The temperature is -2˙C in Aleppo. Minus bloody two. They are torn, they are tired and hurt and in dire need of everybody's help. I'm going to start doing again what my parents taught me as a child. I'm posting some links down below I found for donations for Syria. 

Christmas is about happiness. Those people haven't felt any in four years. Let's really try to practice the spirit of Christmas this time. I'll do my bit, I hope you'll do yours.

And if you aren't in the position to donate, share this post. Pass it around. The more people can help, it'll still be so much less, but it'll be something.
Until then.


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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