Sunday, 25 December 2016

BlogMas Day Twenty Two - Driving Home For Christmas

Hello. It's Day Twenty Two. Three days to go. Essentially two. But no lip. It was my birthday. On the night of twenty-third(24), that is. I wanted to gift myself some sleep. This post should have been up last night, but since you're reading it today you'll have to consider that you are de facto reading it on the night of twenty-third. My flight was also late, so please. I was quite busy eating cake inside a blanket while lying on a blanket, and passing out from sugar coma.
And since it is twenty-third, I drove home for Christmas tonight.
I always felt cold mostly in my feet during winters. The moment I stepped out of the airport to get to my brother, it was hurtful for me to walk. I knew it was cold, my feet instantly cramped and I knew I was home. Thus, began the process of putting myself into a sugar (and food, I'm cheeky like that) coma. You don't really miss home when you're away from it. You miss the comfort. I feel like I've spoken about this before, and I'm like a broken record. Just roll with it, I'm happy. 

Slightly off track, but I'm the proud owner of a new sketchbook. It's bright red, and such an adorable, boisterous piece of shit. In case, you're wondering if I love stationary so much that it needs a special mention on the blog, yes, I do. Just informing. Anybody wants to send me stuff, go right ahead with beautiful stationary. It also has to be useful. This one time, I found these doughnut shaped post-its. They looked so cute, but that was such a waste of paper on the part of whosoever manufactured them, because honestly, how do you write on a piece of paper that has a massive hole in the middle of it. I'm rambling again.

I also have been on such an indie and alternative and a bit of rock rampage regarding music lately. So all I've been playing on repeat is Hozier, Heartless Bastards, Tango with Lions, Marie Fisker, Erik Jonnason, Alex Clare and Chet Faker. I used to listen a lot of James Blake and JMSN (pronounced as Jameson, because this irritates me about people) in college. I used to listen to these two when I was mostly holed up in a corner trying to design something, and would directly shift to Gulzar and Rahman when I was done resolving and then moved onto drawings.
Alex Clare also happened to be on this playlist because me and my college friend (Read: Apek) would listen to his songs all the time while working together. Damn Your Eyes, especially. Not while driving though. No. With the steering wheel in my hand, and the music system in hers, she was a car passenger from hell.

But I'm home. So I'm going to go put on some socks, and be comfortable.
Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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