Saturday, 24 June 2017

Lost On The Perry

Drib by drib, all the water ambitiously flowed,
Over its head to climactically reach where the world began,
Each time the water surges over it, only the rock knew,
What seemed like pelting to the world,
Were a thankful million different kisses and marks,
The Creek left over each minute,
To keep the pebbles from echoing its name,
And halting its journey,
Seldom do people realise the lull sung,
Of the gushing water,
Is the Creek's love bleeding out on its land,
For it knows it's soon to depart to a world untouched,
Even better when it rains, for there's,
Nothing better than being loved your lover, and,
Being haunted by them at the same time,
With the constant love, the constant contact,
It felt like the Creek's touch yet time and again,
Was just another echo of how much it adored the gravel,
That helped him with such grace at,
Every turn, the mountains were malevolent of their semblance,
And while the world saw the fervour of the coral beneath,
As an anarchy,
Her Creek pacified each pebble beautifully,
And she let him, 
For there lied her tendency to blindingly,
Drown in him, yet again, the longing to stay alive
Only to be picked and stuffed in a jar,
For when will the world comprehend,
Each of them rocks formed ludicrously, was only,
Creek trying to break his way through the mountains' many hearts,
The many hearts she granted to be broken,
For someone could fathom,
The beauty of breaking hearts, and letting their,
Own Creek through,
And I hear a louder hush again,
The kind, she knew, came with early darknesses,
One with the power to remove all her piths,
One that left her all marrows, and in all vulnerabilities,
Now only remains the cobbles and the rain,
The calm beyond, the chaos within,
The little heartbreaks you carry around with you,
And I was lost on the Perry.



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