Saturday, 9 December 2017

BlogMas 2017 Day Seven - Comma

Hello. It's Day Seven!
For anybody who thought, like last two years, yesterday's was the post that I missed as a ritual. I didn't. I'm here. I also wasn't here last night because work. Always. I feel like my work is my Lily Potter. And it is quite heady. Unstoppable hours of work at an end is another rush altogether. But not when you're overdosing on caffeine. And this is definitely something that changes you. And your bias towards a certain recipe that works for you. Disposing yourself for mental and physical work for so long morphs you as a person. It does concern me however, sometimes that over-working myself does hold me back from being 100% of what I want to be. But then everyone, in any scenario, are not the same person they were. And for me, the scariest thing in this world is the possible ambiguity of knowing or not knowing if you gave your work your all. Nobody knows what will hit them in life or how much time each one of us has. For now, do what you want, and be who you want to be all the same. What I can assure you, is there'll be a lot of time to catch a breath in between all the seconds when you're loving your job. Like I am right now, writing after barely sleeping, talking nonsense, and now definitely rushing to the studio before I'm executed. Joke.

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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