Monday, 18 December 2017

BlogMas 2017 Day Sixteen - !

Hello. It's Day Sixteen!
Time passes anyway, doesn't it? And we never realise the point where our losses transition from being that to just another stories in our lives. And it's essential for that point to come in because traveling back in time is not an option. But what if it was? What's the first thought that creeps into your mind when you imagine getting the chance to change certain happenstances or something you did or someone you met? And you can figure that out only when you have learnt what you really want or who you really want to be out of it. And that's the problem with most of us. We don't really know ourselves enough to answer that question. Or does anyone? I reckon everyone struggles all their lives to find out who they really are. And anybody who says they don't, are just plain lazy. Everyone struggles. Everyone is stuck in a vast, unending bedsheet life wrapped them in and we all are just tussling our way out. And all of us are mighty curious what the other end holds or what happens when we stop tussling altogether. Are we grounded forever holding unanswered questions or someone helps take the coat off of us? What is it that you always wanted to make happen? I have a list so long, it might as well replace the bucket one. And having scroll of what we mostly just call regrets doesn't make you unlovable. It just means you can be lost and loved, all the same. Pick up the phone. Change what you want to. Get what you desire. 
You took a chance to make something happen in your life which you want to change or recreate now anyways, so might as well take one more. Make sense of what you truly need. We take a lot of commas in life as full stops. And it's up to you to cap that sentence. And if it ain't a comma, be cheeky, throw caution to the wind, tell them you detest the words used by someone else for your wordage, and reframe the entire damn sentence. Longings pass, compulsions don't.

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.


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