Saturday, 23 December 2017

BlogMas 2017 Day Twenty One - Treasure

Hello. It's Day Twenty One!
We make the blunder of assuming everything will last in our lives every single day. When you think something will last, you take it for granted. And, I can't fathom if our generation does half the things it does because they care or because they're curious. However, either of it doesn't stop us from taking more on. Only hindrance being that to take everything we want on, we have to make room by scrunching it in spaces that we filled for ourselves. Take a breath. If something at all, I've learnt this year is to not pile myself with something because I might need it. I learnt that it's more important to make memories than be stuck under the weight of something you elected annex ourselves with the load of whatever catches our fancy. And whenever you need, you might find traces of everything you've fallen for in the truest, most pristine and undiluted way in the places you created them memories. Not in the sense of having to run away from it, and keep your life simpler. Just because we speak finically of things we contemplate about most. Breathe, and believe.

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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