Friday, 22 December 2017

BlogMas 2017 Day Twenty - Excused

Hello. It's Day Twenty!
What do you miss having? Winters. 
What are you hiding? Doodles.
What is it that makes you nostalgic? Mohammed Rafi.
What grounds you? Dad. 
What awes you? Mom.
What repulses you? Disdain. 
What scandalises you? Boys.
What habit stops you from loving something else? Habits.
What's your drug? Architecture. 
What's your poison? Me. 
What's your weakness? Brother.
What does the back of your notebook say? Bye.
Who is that hidden note in your wallet from? Dad.
Which book is stuffed in the corners of your shelves you're possessive of? Tales of Two Cities.
What turns you on? Kindness. 
What turns you off? Ego.
What's your name? Clio. 
What season do you like? Winters.
What does your coffee taste like? Bitter. 
What time are you most vulnerable? Now.
What is it you keep retreating to? Walks. 
Where is your hiding place? On the road.
Why that shirt? The perfume.
How old is your grandma? 70.
How tall is your list of ambition? Still growing. 
How come your eyes are green in light? Not. Brown.
How come you don't like pasta? Married it.
Which dress makes you look sexy? Just me. 
What's your jam? Strawberry.
What song do you cry to? Jee Ve. 
When do you cry? While PMSing.
How come you never wear that shirt? The colour.
Why didn't you finish that painting? That was the beauty of it.
Who did you punch last? A boy?
Who did you kiss last? A boy?
 Who did you call last? Mom. 
Who did you miss last? None.
Which ice-cream is your favourite? Chocolate mint.
Do you like sushi? Love. 
Or a cookie? Sushi.
What is your most successful moment? Dad being proud.
When was the last time you failed? Today.
How many times have you failed? At least twice everyday.
How brutally honest are you? 32423. 
Or, just brutal? Always.
How many hearts have you broken? I'd like to think 353463
 How many hearts have you repaired? I'd like to think 4345345
Did you make someone smile today? Yes.
Did you hug someone today? Yes. 
Did you get a hug today? No.
Did you pet a dog? No. 
Do you have a dog? Maybe.
Do you hate cats, then? Maybe. 
Or maybe just pissed at cliches? That, too.
Do you have a middle name? No.
When did you last go swimming? Last year. 
Or skinny dipping? .......
When was the last time you never woke up? Last month.
When was the last time you ever felt? Never stopped. 
Or never felt? Only if.
What time is suitable for you to take lives? 10PM
Are you a murderer? Yes
Would the killing of a dream count? Foremost
When was the last you had cake? A few weeks? 
Or baked? A couple years?
When was the last time you sketched? Today.
When was the last time you snapped? Today.
When was the last you put make-up? Umm.
When was the last you went on a date? Ummmmm.
When was the last you bought your choice of beer? Two weeks ago.
When was..... Just.

Ever took a breath and asked yourself all this? Took one.

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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