Tuesday, 26 December 2017

BlogMas 2017 Day Twenty Two - Wait.

Hello. It's Day Twenty Two!
Each time my work holds me from blogging on time, I just feel the excitement of edging closer to Christmas and the end of BlogMas slips down a few notches just that much. But, you do what you got to. And amidst all this work and thrill of chaos and order around you at the same time, is probably what pulls me back time and again, regardless of my exhaustion. Completely taking into account this time a lot of my posts have been a couple days late, I've thoroughly enjoyed this BlogMas. Since the day I started blogging, I've tried to be like my blog as much as I could. It's been there with me through thick and thin, and through the worst of days. It's still been here when I've ignored it, and even when I've cursed out loud a few times for the obligation of having to finish BlogMas. That is also how all of us are in life. As humans, we are so comfortable accepting that we are flawed, we easily excuse ourselves from situations we need to be a little dour with ourselves. We absolve ourselves thinking how much we've earned a break. And through all of that my blog has been more human than a massive chunk of our world. And that's what Christmas is all about. Giving a bit more of what you give yourself, to others as well.

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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