Thursday, 14 December 2017

BlogMas 2017 Say Twelve - Nadir

Hello. It's Day Twelve!
An anaesthetic mind is a brilliant one, but also an apathetic one at that. Numbness is a nearly adamant quality to adapt as a human. But as humans we're also immensely soft inside. One merely needs a hand and we disintegrate into a million masses of a million people who've been living inside us all our lives. Real isn't what you feel when you're by yourself. You're really your true self once in your life when everything you take as gospel comes crashing down in front of you. When you're busy dissipating along with your beliefs. We all find lost pieces of ourselves in various people we meet everyday. I hardly believe we like anyone because they're similar to us or completely opposite to us. I, undisputedly, regard that we like people who're missing what you dropped off somewhere a long time ago. Because you associate more easily with that sparseness than you do with what you both endow. And we're always looking to lose certain pieces like nomads. Because, why not? It makes life lighter. But in this bleaching fact, we forget, that each of us is a puzzle cut into uncommon pieces. As and when we keep dropping some of them carelessly, we won't be able to fit a new one again should we want to, for that piece chimes with someone else's puzzle. Keep all your pieces safe. There's a lot more in there than you anticipate. It's heavy to sometimes carry all of them altogether at once, and some days it takes a superhuman attempt to do so. Because you'll still have your pieces to build your way out from when you hit nadir. 

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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