Wednesday, 14 December 2016

BlogMas 2016 Day Twelve - A Second?

Hello. It's Day Twelve.
The issue is we are least willing to give time to anything. And that's not what is becoming the wrong kind of habit people develop. It's becoming an excuse. I believe, given enough time, a person can love anything. I reckon, as 'settled' humans, we're too fearful to step of our mediocrity and try something new, we're callously falling into this pattern. Two days ago, I spoke of how easily I'd forgotten to look forward to doing something I absolutely loved. I'm going to run back through almost five years of this blog. The titles are links, and you're more than welcome to read either of them, any number of times.

It's been the longest series on my blog ever. Slightly more close to my heart than the rest, Stoner for me was a journey where I not only learned so much about people and relationships, but about myself also. For the longest of time, I reckon that would be a year, Stoner was a part of my routine. If anything major happened, or if nothing at all, penning down Stoner was my rescue. I sometimes wish I didn't have to stop writing Stoner, but like all lessons, mine were learnt, and I had to put it to rest.

मैं उसे जानता हूँ, फिर भी मैं उसे नहीं जानता..... (I Know Her, Yet I Don't)
What do you do if everything you've ever believed in life was a lie. Thank God, I never lived a life where the mere truth about my existence was masked and wrapped with a tiny bow. This three part series was during the time when I was trying to understand things we never figure out about anyone going through it, no matter how well we knew them. When you're shaken to your soul, and you need a clue, Maya, Walda's pride and Wazir's promise will be right here.

This was when I was exploring the more complex side of emotions we feel but don't want to give the time of the day. Read it, feel it. I wrote with much love. There are certain things in life, which no matter howsoever much you love, suck a great deal out of you. These four poems/proses were some of those. There are much more difficult things in world yet to be felt, that are far satisfying and enlightening than the simpler ones you can count on your fingers. Have a try.

I'd written this poem at a time when, more than my friend I needed a push to be strong enough to be there for her. It's wondrous the extents you'll touch for your friends. And to show how everything can go dark, and to hang on by a thread - the allegory.

No joke. I'd woken up one weekend after a week of late nights in college, saw my window, and started typing like a maniac that very moment. Sometimes things hit you. And they hit you in a way, you have no choice but to act upon it. Much like love. Guess, that morning I'd fallen in love with how my window looked during sunrise. Like I said, lads, little things.

I stronly believe, not just with writing, if there's anything you love doing with a passion, give it a chance with Christmas. Because you never say no on Christmas. Twenty four days of unhindered access you give yourself to do something you love. Think on it, sleep on it. There's still thirteen days to go. Give it a chance. Pick up those things that put a smile on your face that's no less than a child seeing gifts around his tree and snow on Christmas.

As for me, if there's something any of you specifically would like to read about from the comment box is down below. Or, y'all probably know the links to my Facebook or Twitter. Let me know. You can click the round icons on the right, or if you're reading this on your phones, well don't be lazy and just comment. Or you can choose the web version as well. It has been activated. =)

Until then.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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